About freon

Name freon, fre0n (when freon is taken), r12freon, r-twelve, various others
Age 23
Gender Identity born male, no pronoun preference (if unsure default to he/him)
Location somewhere in Chicagoland
Interests video games (trending old), hand-drawn animation (also trending old, and with more than a little Japanese bias, but I try to keep myself open-minded), music production, computers and their software in whatever form they take, preservation of selected media of the last 50 (give or take) years
Obsessions CRTs, VHS, Sonic (the hedgehog), old arcade games, late 80s academic Unix installations, Emacs, reducing my reliance on smartphones any way I can, Palm/WinCE PDAs, old Thinkpads, bontique Sony products, general affinity for things very obsolete and way before my time

Here are some links to "official" profiles on a typical array of platforms:
GitHub, Internet Archive
On IRC: freon (Libera, Hackint, Rizon), r-12 (OFTC)
Email maybe?